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Kane County Turkey??
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Has anyone ever seen Turkey in Kane County?? I ask because I took a hard gamble that there would be Turkey near where I goose and duck hunt. I hunt across from Dick Young forest preserve. We slaughter the birds there . Taken a few deer with the bow as well. The farm has some thick woods to the west. Never paid attention to signs of Turkey. I did the OTC permit. My 1st 2 picks were sold out! Soooo... i took 2nd season Kane. If all else fails might have to look for other spots in Kane. I hear Gilberts has a good amount of Turkey.

From: Tooth
Seen a lot of turkeys on and adjacent to silver springs state park, but that's just outside kane in Kendall. Hell, ive seen turkeys in people's backyards in Warrenville along the du page. I'd say the answer is yes, you can find turkeys in kane county.

From: loose arrow
They have been seen on Randall road by Elgin, not sure where they are outside of that. I am from St. Charles and live in DeKalb now, nice that you can hunt near Dick Young. I bird there on occasion. Wish I could find private land in the Tri Cities, along with everyone else! Good luck and keep us posted.

My eleven-year-old wants to gun hunt turkey, I hope to go to Joe Davies County for that.

From: Woods Walker
I've seen them along Rt. 25 in St Charles north of 64 across from the cemetery by Stonehenge Dr. I've also seen them on Corron Rd just north of McDonald Rd west of Randall. Not a lot of them but they are increasing. I see a lot of Sandhill Cranes in and around that Dick Young Preserve too.

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes Dick Young is an amazing place. We have had sandhills land in our goose decoys. They are very cool. We see 100s flying way high up. I think we will see a season for Sands sooner then later. Most southern States have it. I hear a Sandhill is the Prime Rib of the sky. Dick Young has Pelicans as well.

From: loose arrow
The pelicans either have passed through or getting ready to pass through?

From: Sandman20
Sandhill crane breast stuffed with crawfish is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten!

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