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Airbow in Gun season?
South Dakota
Contributors to this thread:
grizzly 23-Mar-18
Griz34 24-Mar-18
leftee 24-Mar-18
SteveG 24-Mar-18
grizzly 24-Mar-18
DR 26-Mar-18
From: grizzly
Can we all agree that these things need to be only in gun seasons?

From: Griz34
I think so.

From: leftee
Hope so.

From: SteveG
They are not bows, neither are crossbows. I hope SDGFP can maintain a clear head about this.

From: grizzly
It hasn't been brought up yet but somebody probably will some day. I watched the legislative agenda this year and was surprised the crossbow bill did not come up. I have no problems with people with true handicaps or ability issues using crossbows in archery season with a doctors slip but not the airbows.

From: DR
In the any legal weapon (rifle) season, sure. Same with Cross bows, shotgun, pistols, rifles, muzz w/or w/o scope etc. I believe SDBI has us sitting OK for now with the Crossbow issue. We lobbied for it in rifle season and lowered the poundage requirement for deer and elk due to the new technology advances for good KE. Airbow, long as it's rifle season only.

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