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New to hunting looking for advice
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Derbar 26-Mar-18
Hoytbowhunter 01-Apr-18
Mainehunta 05-Apr-18
From: Derbar
So I have wanted to hunt for years but my family and friend were never into it now iI I anew born boy and when he gets older i want to be ableto teach him how to use a bow and hunt so I figured the best and first step would be top find some help with my shooting I just started target shooting recently with a recurve so I guess the short story isif anyone has advice on how top bettermy skills is appreciate it.

Hello, I am from Massachusetts and work at a local archery pro shop so I’ll givw my 2 cents. Shooting wise, smart decision starting recurve as it is the hardest. Whether your shooting recurve or compound make sure you are consistent with your anchor point as that will keep you honest. Visit a local pro shop, not your local hunting, fishing and camping store(you know who I’m talking about), the big name companies. If you visit a reputable archery shop you will most likely be fitted to a bow once you decide to buy one if you haven’t already. Watch lots of educational YouTube videos, steer away from hunting shows. Keep shooting and like I said be consistent with your anchor point, don’t punch the trigger. I bear hunt up in allahash, lot of guys up there will fill you in If you get the chance to talk to one.

From: Mainehunta
Watch as many YouTube videos as possible on archery. Practice proper form over everything else.

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