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Flinttip 08-Apr-18
buc i 313 08-Apr-18
DozRdeer2 09-Apr-18
Lever Action 14-Apr-18
From: Flinttip
I’m thinking about getting a single pin site for my compound. Some people say it is only good for target shooting others say set it at 20 yards and your good to go. Anyway I am 66 and trying to see a five pin site is a little challenging. I don’t even use the longer distance pins. Any thought or comments would be appreciated

From: buc i 313

I went from single pin to two pins on my sight about 3-4 years ago when I lowered my bow poundage to (55 lbs). One green pin at 20 yards, and one yellow pin at 30 yards.

I figure the longest I may shoot is 30 yards depending on stand set up.

My thought's,....... I prefer not to guesstimate the 30 yard shot.

In the shadows of late day / early evening I try to hold shot to 20 and in.

Just my rationale


From: DozRdeer2
I, too, have gone to a single pin sight with 2x scope due to aging eyes, and am glad I did. For hunting I set it at 25 yards and aim a bit low for 20 and under targets; a bit high for 30 to 35. However, there is the capability to slide the sight to any desired distance if given the opportunity. Most of my shots are 25 yards, plus/minus 5. Good luck!

From: Lever Action
My wife just went to the single pin this year and she loves it. Not sure why anyone would suggest that a single pin is for target only? She uses the slider bar which is easy to adjust for whatever yardage. She just had the same issue as you are describing about yourself. Great solution for her. Maybe for you too.

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