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Turkey's at Truman...
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From: Papa Joe
Hey Bowsiters! I'm coming over to Missouri from Indiana next week to hunt turkey's with my brother-in-law who lives in Lee's Summit. We're looking to camp down at Truman and hunt in the mornings and crappie fish in the afternoon, then locate some turkeys in the evening for the next morning. He crappie fishes in the Leesville area and also Brush Creek, but he's never hunted turkey's at Truman. Does anybody have some experience at Truman you can share to help us narrow our focus in this massive 55,000 acres of huntable land around the lake? We're only going to have two days to hunt, and we could sure use some help. Thanks! Joe

From: hogthief
Corp of Engineers has a pretty good online map. But if you are going to crappie fish in the evening you should be able to locate plenty of birds.

From: Dafish
you should be able to hear them gobbling while fishin in the afternoons, find a spot and sit and call until time is up, 11am is a good time for them to come strolling in to a call

From: elkmo
Go out in the boat before dawn, maps in hand ready to roll, hear bird, hunt bird. Really that simple. No bird, back to boat and fish....repeat unitl 1pm.

From: hogthief
then hunt mushrooms. perfect day.

From: elkmo
so how did the hunt go?

From: elkmo
Shocked...took the money and ran....glad we could help.

From: Old School
I've not posted a bunch on the MO forum but I have seen a lot of this - guys asking for help, us Missouri guys giving help and then no post hunt update and they are gone down the road... Maybe we should just start directing all questions to the Missouri Department of Conservation Web Site.

Such is life - there are givers and there are takers.


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