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Oct. 21-27 Blackhills hunt
South Dakota
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BrianC 10-Apr-18
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From: BrianC
My dad and I along with a couple other buddies are planning on staying in Sturgis, SD and hunting Oct. 21-27. We are planning on hunting in the Blackhills. I've been the person chosen to put in the research for this trip. So far I've talked to a Game Warden and Forest Ranger. I've also been looking at the G&F website. It looks like we can apply for (guaranteed) tags in June. Does it matter if we apply for a Blackhills or West River tag? If hunting is good, can we buy a doe tag over the counter? Looks like fall turkey season doesn't open till Nov. 1 or am I missing something there? From my research it looks like most of the private land/fields are along the major roads up in the hills. Any thoughts if those property owners allow bowhunters? I've vacationed out in the Blackhills a couple of times, so I have an idea of what the terrain is like. A friend of mine also turkey hunts out there in the spring, so I'm planning on sitting down w/ him and getting some info. from him as well. Also we're planning on hunting from the ground using ghillie suits and ghost blinds. Are the trees big enough for portable tree stands? Thanks for your time! Brian

From: grizzly
You sure ask a lot of questions in one paragraph. There is no Black Hills specific archery tag. Apply for unlimited archery West river and you may have to apply for an unlimited free access permit for the hills. Cannot buy antlerless over the counter but they might sell you one at Rapid City Headquarters. Don't know about the turkeys but that one is a limited application draw. If private land is not posted in the Black Hills Fire Protection district, you can hunt it. Varies from area to area. Know where the dwellings are so you don't get in trouble with hunting to close to houses or stock. Trees vary in size but I've not had any problems using portables. Waterholes are good if its dry. Have fun and enjoy the scenery.

Good questions.. Yes you can buy a tag at the Rapid City GFP location.. I did that after I tagged out with rifle after the first morning. I sent you a PM

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