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Horseshoe Lake, Walker's Island Draw.
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From: Newhunter1

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So on Monday I was notified that I got drawn for Walker's island for October 8-14. I've ridden around the property and while a easy walk, it is relatively flat and mostly fields. Last year I hunted Bend Road and holy cow the number of deer and size of the bucks was just staggering. I've included a picture of you to see and where I am thinking about setting up a stand. I cannot set up a permanent stand and while I might have to use a ground blind, I've never been successful with a ground blind. I took a screenshot and put down potential stand sights, but I cannot post it. If someone could look over the property and let me know where I could hunt? the property extends all the way to Hwy 111. Thanks

From: Ridgethunder
Hey man I’m familiar with the area. Are you still needing help on stand/blind locations?

From: Newhunter1
yes...I found a spot or two, but haven't been able to get back. I'll be up there this Sunday.

From: Newhunter1
This place absolutely sucks!! The amount of people walking their dogs, riding bikes, and taking selfies is mind boggling. I scouted three different locations...set up on the edge of a bean field and saw zero deer and only a hand full of tracks. I'll try again this week when there isn't holiday traffic and the weather cools. Sweet lord, it was 88 degrees at 11:30!

From: Ridgethunder
If you want to know some spots call me. 618 6962703

From: Newhunter1
13-Oct-18 time is up. I hunted hard Monday and Tuesday but it was 88 degrees and about 10 people were walking around the trails with dogs. Didn't see anything. Then went again Thursday and tonight...didn't see anything but tracks. If I get drawn again next year...I'll call you.

From: Ridgethunder
Sounds good man

From: Zim
That sucks you got that heat for your week. But don't count of drawing often. I'm zero for 8 years down there.

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