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Bowfishing 2018
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From: Lever Action
My wife and I are looking forward to Bowfishing this year. We have been doing what we could do out of a small car topper for the last few years but this year, we are building a small special purpose boat that will be for bowfishing specifically. Got the deck wood yesterday and got it treated, while the temps were still high enough. Going to frame it out with Aluminum and then deck it.

She spent her tax return on a bow mounted/foot controlled trolling motor and I am spending mine on material, lights, batteries, etc. Hopefully, we will escape for 1000 or a bit less. Not sure how I can justify the expense (since Bowfishing is pretty much just an expense) but we like it and are pumped to get this project going soon.

Anyone else looking forward to the spring carp spawn?

From: buc i 313
LOL, I used to love to shoot Carp.

My deceased hunting partner and me always looked forward to this time of year. We used his tri-hull Sears, "Game Fisher" boat.

I sure do miss him, the best woodsman I ever knew.

Good luck with the boating adventure


From: Lever Action
Thanks. Hoping the water will start warming up soon.

I'm addicted to bowfishing! Good luck!

From: Lever Action
The weather is killing me! I have been working to get this boat finished, so we can get out there but I just cant catch a break. Raining this weekend, as I have to watch the Carp starting to surface (throughout this week) on Ladue.

Next weekend for sure.

From: Lever Action
Worst Bowfishing trip ever! Best luck ever!

Towed our boat 15 miles, to a lake. As soon as the boat was launched, the wheel fell off and nearly floated away. The hub just pulled off the axle.

By midnight, it was clear that we couldn't do anything but wait it out till 9Am this morning, when we could get a bearing kit. Took 2 hours to get what I needed and by 12 this afternoon, we were home.

Sleeping in a truck at a public boat ramp (so it does not get stripped) sucks! But getting a boat all the way to the water before the crap hits the fan is Excellent!

Got one fish.

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