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Moose unit 26
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Mitch 12-May-18
wytex 17-May-18
MuddyBull 30-May-18
MuddyBull 13-Jun-18
wyobullshooter 13-Jun-18
MuddyBull 14-Jun-18
MuddyBull 06-Dec-18
From: Mitch
After 18 years I was able to draw a NR tag for unit 26. Right now my plan is you hunt the last week of September and then the first few days of October with a rifle if necessary. I've already talked to several folks with WY F&G, but would like to talk to some bow hunters who are familiar with the unit. If anyone on here is familiar with the area and is willing to take a few minutes to talk with me I'd be very appreciative. PM's preferred. Thanks.

From: wytex
Great area, we have 2 bulls from it years past. You'll have lots of company hunting elk there. Sheep, domestic, starts moving down with the shepherds in Sept an it affects elk movements, they have dogs. pm sent

From: MuddyBull
I've lived and hunted by the unit for close to 30 years. I'm tied up for a few days ( chemo) but will send a DM when I get a break! Great unti to draw.

From: MuddyBull
DM sent

Mitch, I just saw this thread. Rather than respond, I'll defer to Warren (Muddy Bull). I'll never be able to repay the help be offered when I drew 26! BTW, Warren, you're in my prayers! I wish you only the best, my friend!

From: MuddyBull
Thanks a bunch Rob. Your hunt was one I'll always be proud of being a small part of! Thank you for the Prayers, I begin a new chemo regiment next week.

From: MuddyBull
Hey Mitch. How did your area 26 moose hunt go?

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