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Boat Goat hunt
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altitude sick 21-May-18
luckychucky 23-May-18
altitude sick 23-May-18
jims 01-Jun-18
Can anyone refer a good archery boat based goat hunt.

From: luckychucky
I thought for a moment this was going to be one of those shoot from a boat and drop a goat off a cliff into the water right next to you topics. To your question ask Muskeg.

I would like to do a boat based AK goat hunt. I’m willing to pack the goat down. Not roll it down ??

From: jims
I've done a few. Be prepared for devil's club, rain....and more rain! Usually an incredible amount of work getting through the jungle to the alpine. Make sure you are in top shape and have super good wet weather gear. You may want to consider a BC...or possibly even a Kodiak Island hunt?

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