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Hog hunting that allows guns
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mikea20 25-May-18
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From: mikea20
Hey y'all, I'm looking for some info on a good ranch that allows hog hunting with the use of rifle. My buddy and I will be hunting with bow and one other guy that doesn't bow hunt (yet). Anyway does anyone have some real-world experience of a good, reasonably priced ranch that allows/is large enough, to accommodate both forms of take? Thanks in advance, Mike

From: mulie_mike
We allow both, also day or night hunting. Semi guided, self guided or fully guided.

From: Maddogg

Maddogg's embedded Photo
Maddogg's embedded Photo

T-4 Exotics in Brownwood does both, and then you also have a chance to take a good eating axis doe if you want. Just Google them for the website.

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