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Elk hunting
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Ned 01-Jun-18
Lever Action 10-Jun-18
HTNFSH 30-Jul-18
From: Ned
Anyone headed West for elk this year, this will be my 17Th DIY elk hunt this year, going to Colorado OTC because we didn't draw NM ( imagine that lol). 3rd time for Colorado, hope to find the elk this time, hard to believe they have the largest herd in the country, but I've seen and heard more elk in one day in NM than 4 or 5 weeks hunting Colorado lol.

From: Lever Action
Best of Luck this year

I'm headed west myself in September. Summer has gone by so fast already. Only 7 weeks away from my trip. This will be 4th elk season since starting in 2013.

Good luck Ned

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