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Teen bit by coyote in MA
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spike78 10-Jun-18
Jebediah 10-Jun-18
Tekoa 10-Jun-18
Proline 11-Jun-18
Will 11-Jun-18
Bubbag 17-Jun-18
DeanMan 18-Jun-18
jdrdeerslayer 18-Jun-18
Will 18-Jun-18
From: spike78

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From: Jebediah
Pups right now, mothers are a little aggressive I think. Have three pups and a mother on one camera, they are about the size of a football right now.

From: Tekoa
Heading home on 91 South in Holyoke today there was a coyote standing just off the edge of the road. My wife remarked that it was the saddest looking coyote. It really did look sad. Just like your dog when you yell at it and they have no idea why or what to do. Just down the road was the entire pack in pieces. Pups and a larger coyote that I assume was the male. Not a coyote fan but it really was sad.


From: Proline
Not a fan of coyotes but man I hate seeing any animal hit by vehicles. I'd never stop on a highway but any road I can stop on I always pull the critter off the road. HAte seeing an animal pulverized into the asphalt.

From: Will
Tekoa - that would be really sad. It's like Moon's thread the other day, and like Proline says... Seeing animals hit on the road feels bad - from snake to deer and beyond. There was a fawn on Rt 2 just west of Leominster yesterday. Just laying there to the right of the white line... Very sad to see animals get run over.

From: Bubbag
Went to Niagara falls a few weeks ago... driving through new york I saw 17 road killed deer on the way up, and 15 on the way back... Sad to see so many....

From: DeanMan
Proline x2

i saw that same fawn will.....uhg

From: Will
Right J... Little thing, spots... Very sad to see.

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