Alabama Spear Hunting
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Arrowhead 12-Jun-18
BuzAL 12-Jun-18
Arrowhead 22-Jun-18
DTala 01-Jul-18
From: Arrowhead
Alabama will pass a law this season that bans Spear Hunting for deer. Apparently the spear hunters in Alabama have had such an impact on the deer population that it has been banned as a weapon of choice. Maybe the deer population in Alabama can finally have a chance to rebound.

From: BuzAL
Musta seen somebody having fun.

Gotta stop that foolishness.

From: Arrowhead
Eddie, I appreciate all that you do. I hope that a hand thrown spear for deer hunting remains legal. I have spent many hours getting proficient enough to feel comfortable at pitching a hand thrown spear and I have no doubts that it would be very deadly. Just because someone doesn't feel it can be done in a humane manner is no reason to eliminate it as a weapon of use. (Do hogs die easier than a deer when stuck with a spear?) (Are they easier to hit with a spear?) (Is spear hunting for deer a real public safety concern?) (If so, by whom?) (Does anyone but me find this way of thinking on the verge of insanity.)

From: DTala
more stupidity from ADCNR

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