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Drew a Tag for Area 45
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jdo 24-Jun-18
Topgun 30-06 26-Jun-18
FullofBull 31-Jul-18
YZF-88 16-Sep-18
adogg437 04-Oct-18
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Topgun 30-06 04-Nov-18
From: jdo
I drew a type 9 tag for this area. I have my maps and also did quite a bit of research on Google earth. I have also talked with a guy who hunted it last year. He provided a place to start and some places he hunted . Since it took so long to draw and I ain't getting any younger would anyone else be able to help a guy out with their ideas or approach to hunting this area? Thanks.

From: Topgun 30-06
Send me a PM, or preferably an email (, and I'll give you my ideas of where to concentrate on based on helping two different guys on their Type 9 September hunts up there several years ago. Have you decided on what dates you plan to be out there or do you have the entire month to be out there? Take care---MIKE

From: FullofBull
PM sent

From: YZF-88
How has your hunt been going? I have a couple buddies scouting up there (we’re going to draw next year) they say it’s very dry and not much action where they looked.

From: adogg437
I am also interested in how the hunt went, I was thinking of putting in for that hunt next year.

From: FullofBull
It was hit or miss. A group of 3 guys from Wisconsin were camped a mile from me and hunted the 1st to 11th and then left earlier than planned. They were very disgusted. They only saw 2 spikes between the three of them in 10 days. Claimed too many sheep grazing in the area. I saw more elk than they did and got a small 5 point on the 12th day after hunting hard every day of the season. I put on a ton of miles in my boots and in the truck.

From: adogg437
Thank you for the information FullofBull, do you feel it was a good use of your points? Like it was a quality hunt just not a ton of elk? Maybe weather/ sheep had an impact of the elk numbers

From: Hardwoods
I scouted a few days in Sept last fall 2017 in 45 for elk without much luck. Talked to some other hunters with type 1 tags who struggled during archery season but had some success during rifle season. Looked like some great country.

From: Topgun 30-06
Anyone who can't find elk in 45, which is the best unit in the Big Horns, must not know what elk look like!

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