Ohio WMA now bow only?
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From: Zbone

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Haven't read read regulations in a while and wondering - Are all Ohio Wildlife Management Areas now bow only for deer or just this one?

From: bowhawk75
The wildlife area by me does not have any of those signs up, not yet anyhow.

From: Lever Action
Depends on the area.

What is wildlife management areas.where is a list available.I seen changes on taking does this year.

They forgot to mention Muzzleloader. I guess they are legal then.

From: Zbone
Boy I don't know, but I think they consider a muzzleloader a rifle... Personally wouldn't risk hunting there with one...

From: bas4109
Revolvers are pistols.

From: Zbone
Hey Doug, ya had me thinking about muzzleloaders in that WMA... Here is what I found in the regs as permitted weapons :

" Gun Season and Youth Gun Season Shotgun: 10 gauge or smaller shotgun using one ball or one rifled slug per barrel (rifled shotgun barrels are permitted when using shotgun slug ammunition).

Muzzleloading rifle: .38 caliber or larger.

Muzzleloading shotgun: 10 gauge or smaller using one ball per barrel.

Handgun: With 5-inch minimum length barrel, using straight-walled cartridges .357 caliber or larger. The barrel is measured from the front of the cylinder or chamber to the end of the barrel.

Straight-walled cartridge rifles in the following calibers: All straight-walled cartridge calibers from a minimum of .357 to a maximum of .50. Shotguns and straight-walled cartridge rifles can be loaded with no more than three shells in the chamber and magazine combined.

Archery equipment: See Archery Season, above.

Muzzleloader Season Muzzleloading Rifle: .38 caliber or larger.

Muzzleloading shotgun: 10 gauge or smaller using one ball per barrel.


From: Zbone
So yeah, they consider muzzleloaders a rifle...

From: Saphead
Thought I saw a loop hole Gary. :)

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