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New Guy, Knows Nothing with Goals
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Jeep937 29-Jun-18
Jeep937 29-Jun-18
pappy 01-Jul-18
Lever Action 01-Jul-18
BOX CALL 02-Jul-18
Ned 27-Jul-18
From: Jeep937
Hello Fellas and ladies if any, I am 100 percent new to the idea of bow hunting. Zero knowledge other than my common sense framework. I am 40 years old and in good shape. Work as a toolmaker 50 hours a week and have lots of expensive working hobbies like motorcycles, vintage 4x4s and cars, machining, fabrication, graphic design and printing, photography, videoography and so on.. I have been eating mostly organic or real food for about 10 years. Family, friends and neighboors all have farms where I get my eggs and beef and sometimes pork and chicken. I reside in the south eastern part of the state close to Dayton.

My idea is to get a bow and start practicing around where I live. Later I would like to ride my motorcycle to where the legal hunting grounds are and spend week ends getting to know the area and animals habbits and lifestyle. I want to understand as much about my prey as possible. I want to read the landscape and find where they move, sleep, eat and mate. Ideally I'd spend a year creepin in the woods before I ever attempt to bag one. I'd like to explore the man vs nature man vs himself concepts involved in this feat. Understand the local plants and surroundings. Where to camp so as not to disturb my hunting grounds or chance at a game encounter. I want to aquire my own meat and understand the cycle of nature from the spiritual side of sacrifice to sustenance, death gives to life.

On the otherside I want to avoid lyme disease at all costs. I want to know the laws, regulations and cultural norms inside and out so I can contribute positively the community. I have a long road ahead of me so any advice, links, crative direction or direct local envolment is welcome. I don't personally know anyone who has done this so any social events, clubs or happenings would be welcome. Thanks

From: Jeep937
Also noted, I am not sure if this is even a thing but I want to use a more traditional bow what I belive may be called a recurve bow as opposed to a compound bow. I gather that this will make it vastly more difficult as I will have be much closer to the animal. I understand this and want to take the more difficult path which will force me deep into prey science and psychology. The journey for me is always most important.

From: pappy
go to leatherwall

From: Lever Action
If you are within 30 minutes of middlefield Ohio.... I can give you 40 hours in getting you started down the road. Maybe more but probably not.

If you want a dictatorial on the process. PM me.

Sounds iffy.

From: Ned
There are tons of books, videos, magazines etc.... today available on archery ANd Bowhunting deer, just gotta jump in and spend time learning how to close the distance. On another note, you don’t have to take long shots at animals just because you’re using a compound bow, if your goal is to get as close as possible to harvest a deer, then the type of bow you shoot shouldn’t change that goal IMO. I shot my buck last year at 5 yards with a compound.

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