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8 point or better ?
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Buckshot 10-Jul-18
Arrowhead 11-Jul-18
OFFSHORE 26-Jan-19
From: Buckshot
it sure looks like he was hurt in that one picture

From: Arrowhead
Eddie I have had bucks many times just up and disappear on me. Sometimes I can relocate them as far as a mile away but most of the time they will return if left alone. The older they get the more secluded they become and once they see a trail cam of mine they learn to avoid it.

That Big 6 is a TOAD of a buck. . .WOW!!! It happens a lot with bucks of lesser racks (long but few points/tighter spreads) fighting with a larger racked buck, to send a tine up into anothers eye socket and killing the bigger racked buck. Lets hope not. . .that other one is a nice one! Good luck.

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