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39W Sheep
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From: Hoof Hearted
I posted this on the main forum, but thought I'd put it here too because, heck, I'm telling everyone. Got lucky in the draw and pulled one of the two 39W DBHS tags. Got plenty of time to scout this summer/fall to find a mature ram, but I'd love to touch base with anyone who's had the tag before or is familiar with the unit to get their insight. Not looking for anything more than perhaps a general area to start looking in if folks feel comfortable sharing. I have the biologist's number and will be speaking with him extensively as well. Thanks, and best of luck to all those who drew. -Luke

Congratulations! That’s awesome. Best of luck to you. Hopefully you’ll get some good leads. Don’t forget to share your pics!

From: Coyote 65
Had the opportunity to do a sheep count on the gunnery range in Feb. We were also looking for the Sonoran pronhorn. While we did not see any of the latter we did spot legal rams in the flats between mountain ranges.

The sheep count lasted a week and was conducted from helicopters provided by the AZ Army NG. We spotted 50 + sheep over the week from my helicopter alone. The Airforce had a Huey and the NG had 2 OH-58's. Fun week, but my butt was sore after spending about 5 hours a day flying.


From: hunting dad
congrats on the tag. how many points did you have?

From: Hoof Hearted
I had 18 points, and it still feels like I don't deserve it compared to most guys.

All the rain this week is going to start scattering them now that water is filling all those little nooks and crannies, but I'm still going to head out this weekend just to get a lay of the land. Going to be a fun 4 1/2 months! Just hope I can come out of it with my marriage intact and a decent ram for the freezer/wall. Might be better odds on that second one....

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