unit 9 bull tag
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From: jt2018
My son who just turned 21 was drawn for a late season bull tag in unit 9. I am not to familiar with this unit and have had no luck in finding a glassing spot. i know this is a far fetched question but does anyone know of any area to glass from. My son was diagnosed with a condition that only God knows how long we have left together. This hunt is so very important to him and i and i would love nothing more than this to be successful. thanks all in advance.

Never hunted that unit so i can't give you any advice, but i wish you both the best if Luck!!

From: 7 Points
Late season, is that in December? The only real glassing spot is Red Butte but, you will probably have competition.

From: BobH92057

Last year it was all about the water! It was super dry. If it’s dry at all, find a water tank with sign and sit on it all day.

From: lop-runner
I have the early Archery tag and the horn growth is very off. PM me and i can help you out with some areas to check out.

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