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First Deer scout of the season Unit 6A
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Nickada1212 14-Jul-18
BOHNTR 14-Jul-18
Knothead 14-Jul-18
Coyote 65 14-Jul-18
elktrax 11-Aug-18
dirtclod Az. 12-Aug-18
From: Nickada1212
Just went on the first deer scout of the season in Unit 6A, I live near the northern part of the zone and was told to go more south so that’s what I did. Got to Stoneman Lake area around 6 and scouted till 9. We started in the rattlesnake canyon area, and then crossed over to the other side of the road. Saw a few javelina, some elk, and coyotes but not one deer. There were a lot of tracks and scat all over the place, but we just couldn’t seem to find any of them today. This was my first time in the area so I was kind of just guessing where to go. If anyone ever has been in that area any pointers would be great. It seems like there is deer there just no luck finding them this morning.

Might want to check the south rim (edge) of the West Clear Creek drainage......

From: Knothead
1 1/2 years ago a friend had a late 6a rifle elk hunt and I went along to help. We hunted the beaver creek area south and south west of apache maid mtn. I was really surprised by all the deer we glassed up in those canyons and draws. Mixture of muleys and coues. Other than that all the deer I see in that unit are within 1/2 mile of homes and cabins. 11m has a lot of deer.

From: Coyote 65
Had deer at my house about ever other day all winter long, This summer, lucky to see any, maybe once a month. They change their habits depending on the season. Right now the does are caring for the fawns, bucks are in batchlor groups and probably very nocturnal.


From: elktrax
There are no deer in 6a

From: dirtclod Az.
BOWHNTR is on the money,its hot deer are as low as you can go.Find water...Hunted the area for 15yrs.(cabin In the area)shot 1 spike in 15yrs all deer are in town eating Grandmas rose bushes.Great place to camp.Rains every afternoon at 2pm in Aug.Elk heaven not a lot of deer.Good Luck.Hunt the Kiabab$

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