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BLUE ROCK State Forest & Powelson WA
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I'm original an Ohio native, lived in both Youngstown, and Cleveland. Returning this Fall to hunt Southern Ohio. Anyone who's hunted either Blue Rock SF or Powelson Wildlife Area, I'd appreciate some feedback on the bow hunting potential. Seems like all the articles about this area deal with gun season and muzzle-loader.

Doesn't anyone in Ohio hunt either of these areas?

From: Linecutter
Don't hunt those areas but you might want to look at TriValley just north of Zaneville and just east of Dresdan. I have hunted there on the north end of the property. They have some agracultrue growing on the property. Will say there is alot of multiflora Rose Bush in areas. I think that would be a good area for you to look at. Have seen some good bucks up there over the years. A lot of it is like big woods hunting. DANNY

Thanks Danny, Have scouted Tri-Valley and I like the food plots of planted corn Boy the rose flora will cut you up something awful. Any experience with Dillon WA in Nashport? This

From: Linecutter
No experience there. DANNY

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