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From: Newbie
Hello! I am brand new to hunting. I'm actually from CT, but my uncle is from OH and offered to take me hunting on his neighbor's farm land. Since they could be considered pests (I think), do I need a license? This is probably a stupid question, and if you can't tell, I have no clue what I'm doing. If I do need a license, is it cheaper since I'm a youth? Thanks!

From: Zbone
Need some kind of a license to hunt/kill any type of game animal in Ohio, and deer are game animals... There are resident and NONresident licenses and although they offer RESIDENT youth licenses in which you'll need accompanied by an adult at all times, am not sure they offer nonresident youth licenses... Nonresidents are required to purchase nonresident licenses...

Damage control permits are only provided by local wildlife officers, need to contact the county game warden...

If you make it down here and get license, best of luck and have fun and enjoy...

From: Lever Action
You got the answer but I just want to say... Good luck

From: Newbie

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