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Interest in South Dakota
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Doug Schlabach 07-Aug-18
DonVathome 08-Aug-18
Tooth 18-Sep-18
I have a lodge that sleeps 10 and almost 300 acres around it near the Black Hills . We are not able to hunt this year, archery is September 1 to January 31 (Whitetail, Waterfowl). The lodge rents weekly for vacations all summer and has a lake. We don't get many renters in the fall. We are thinking about allowing bow hunting with Lodge rental to keep it busy . It's a pretty good deal I think if 5-6 guys rented and bow hunted. Also close to a lot of national forest. (Whitetail, Mule deer, Turkey)

PM with any questions Please delete if this is not allowed. Doug

From: DonVathome
I wish I had the time Doug! To many other tags - not a bad problem to have! Anyone who can do this I would highly recommend it.

From: Tooth
You thinking about next year yet? Whats the cost to rent for a week? Do you rent through airbnb or vrbo where you could share some more info?

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