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OH-bowhunter 09-Aug-18
pappy 10-Aug-18
buc i 313 14-Aug-18
mattandersen 16-Aug-18
From: OH-bowhunter
New to the Ohio Form, a lil about myself, grew up in Ohio, joined the military in 1983 retired in 2013. I moved back to Ohio 2014. I spent a lot of time in Kansas a lil over 20 years. Spent a lot of time on the Kansas form. Been bowhunting since I was 14. I just wanted to say good luck with all the deer hunting this year.

From: pappy
welcome aboard and thanks for your service! good luck this season

From: buc i 313
Welcome home Oh-bowhunter,

Good luck to you this upcoming season.

Hunt well, hunt safe.

From: mattandersen
Good luck and thanks for your service!

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