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Still seeing spotted fawns?
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Lever Action 11-Aug-18
bowhawk75 11-Aug-18
Lever Action 11-Aug-18
Bows the way 12-Aug-18
mattandersen 13-Aug-18
pappy 13-Aug-18
Linecutter 13-Aug-18
Jamie Miller 13-Aug-18
Lever Action 14-Aug-18
huntermanohio 14-Aug-18
huntermanohio 21-Aug-18
From: Lever Action
I'm in the northeast. I have only seen one fawn that wasn't spotted in the last month. Pulled 5 cameras today and every fawn was super small and fully spotted,

Anyone else seeing this?

From: bowhawk75
Had 3 in the front yard this morning, all had spots, but they were not small.

From: Lever Action
I dont remember ever seeing spots this late. I think more than 1/2 on my cameras wouldn't be more than 30# and certainly not 40#

From: Bows the way
I pulled cards at our place in the UP of Michigan I've got spotted fawns up there but their not small either.

From: mattandersen
I typically see spotted fawns well into bow season in OH. Seems they fade through out the season and by winter they're pretty much all gone.

From: pappy
correct matt spots on most will leave prior to opening day but there is a small percent that will have. also you must factor in it could be late fawns. fawns are born at different times.

From: Linecutter
Until their coats change for with winter (change to brown) they are going to have their spots. Just like the adults will have their reddish coats till they change to their coats for winter. DANNY

From: Jamie Miller
fourth week of October last year I saw a spotted fawn that probably did not weigh 50lbs. this little thing was not more than 8 -12 weeks old, and still nursing. seriously nursing, mother was giving milk. I've never seen a fawn that small that late, and don't know anyone else that has.

From: Lever Action
I guess it's not abnormal here. I moved to Ohio from the northeast and never saw a spotted fawn after maybe July and certainly never saw one in august. Never saw fawns so small this time of year either. Pretty much the size of the Key deer I used to see in Florida.

Thanks for the replies folks.

Wife and i saw triplets with adult doe this morn on our morning walk.2nd time we have seen them in a week.Been many years since witnessed triplets.All spotted of course.

Saw the triplets again tonite,in our driveway, 4th time now. Pesky deers,Love em!!

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