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Month away!
Rhode Island
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DeerDan 15-Aug-18
dean j 16-Aug-18
Cp550022 19-Aug-18
IslandSnapShooter 22-Aug-18
Jpayne 31-Aug-18
Red Godin 07-Sep-18
dean j 07-Sep-18
dean j 08-Sep-18
DeerDan 09-Sep-18
Cp550022 09-Sep-18
From: DeerDan
One month away and all stands will be going in this weekend. Already have licence and all outdoors package just hoping for some cooler weather. Anyone else getting excited?

From: dean j
Yeah I'm excited, for the first frost! This weather has been killing me!Have license and AO tags, just don't have it in me to scout or set stands in this soup!

From: Cp550022
I'm excited as well, I've been scouting a few new spots. Some of them look promising. I'm I'm also waiting to hear on Providence Water, did anyone else apply for PWS? Can't wait. Good luck all!

Can’t wait over here on prudence. It just sucks the anti’s shut or season down until November 1st. It wasn’t just anti’s but the baiting hunters didn’t like the idea of hunting when it wasn’t effective for them to hunt

From: Jpayne
Second season in RI, I have two private property's now. One I hunted last year and one new to me this year. zone 1 and 2. Both are bow only, but I don't mind.

From: Red Godin
Gotta start practicing and getting my paths to my stand clear.....

From: dean j
Got out last weekend and scouted a bit and hung a stand, looks like another lean acorn year, but I've only been to a couple of spots we'll see.One week to go!

From: dean j
Hung a stand in zone 2 today, had to have my wife bring me the straps to my climbing sticks,didnt realize till I had humped the sticks and stand all the way to my spot!One week to go and somehow I've got 3 stands in zone 1 and 4 in zone 2 despite the heat and humidity! Can't wait for those nice crisp cool fall days!

From: DeerDan
I'm a little late getting set up this year cause of the heat but was able to get all my zone one stands in this weekend. Even saw a fork while I was tying my drawn rope on. On vacation starting Saturday hopefully weather cooperates.

From: Cp550022
Red I met you the other day at Giant stride dive shop, it was nice to meet you. This season snuck up on me too, I got a couple stands up today in zone one, I can't wait to sit in a tree again! Good luck everyone!

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