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From: Rob in VT
How far south of Yellowstone has there been documentment grizzly sightings?

Thanks, Rob

From: Topgun 30-06
Grizz are way down southeast of Jackson all the way over southeast into the Wind River Indian Reservation toward Thermopolis and east all the way over to Meeteetse, both of which are a long way from Yellowstone! You can see a map of the known area they are in now by going onto the WY G&F website and look under the grizz management section.

From: Rob in VT
Thanks Topgun! They are spreading out.

From: wyohunter1
South Pass, heard rumors northern Bighorns

From: Rob in VT
Wow, South Pass is really far south. I wonder how far south confirmed sightings are?

From: Rob in VT
Wow, South Pass is really far south. I wonder how far south confirmed sightings are?

From: wyohunter1
Some mine south of South Pass

From: Franzen
About the best thing in my opinion for "documented" sightings are the depredation reports. Some that were a little older seem to be more detailed regarding location, unless I am just unable to find what I need for the newer ones. You might as well read them yourself, otherwise we will have guys on here saying there are no grizzlies because they have not seen them in a location personally. Having said that, a documented sighting doesn't necessarily equate to a population.

From: wytex
Contact the large carnivore specialists and they will tell you the truth. Sightings equate to bears in the area, just not as many as verified populations. They are ever expanding their range just as the wolves, we see and have had verified sightings of wolves in Southern Wyo.

From: uplandguide
I was working in Star Valley about 8-9 years ago one spring. Near Hoback Junction the state had to remove a dead moose that was laying near the main road due to a grizzly feeding on it and motorists stopping to take pictures of it.. I'm sure they have extended their range further south.

From: Jaquomo
There are warning signs at the trailheads on Piney creek just northwest of Big Piney. I never saw any sign but guys I trust have seen some live ones down there. Between wandering on their own and dumping of problem ones trapped elsewhere, they are spreading for sure.

From: BTM
It's interesting to note that not all griz attacks make the news. I can think of two recent incidents here in the Pinedale area where someone was seriously attacked (drawing blood, not merely accosted or threatened) and had to kill the bear to save at least one life--yet I never heard/read a peep in the media.

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