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Zone A - Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area
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morningguy 05-Sep-18
Paus 31-Jan-19
TheArc 27-Sep-19
hapinova 24-Oct-20
From: morningguy
Hi, I am hunting for the first time Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area near San Luis Reservoir. There are two areas Upper and Lower, and hope to see some deer and pig. Has anyone had any luck in these areas? If so, any preference between the two and tips?


From: Paus
I was reading about those 2 recently at https://au.edubirdie.com/dissertation-writing-services, according to the article Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area near San Luis Reservoir is much more fun.

From: TheArc
Pretty heavily hunted but you will be best to hit the Upper West side. Should see game in the tree lines midway up along those canyons, forget the specific area names but that area most northwest, in Santa Clara county will be best for you to start. Good luck.

From: hapinova
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