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karaRobert 15-Sep-18
slingNsticks 17-Sep-18
ArrowSlinger91 18-Sep-18
Old School 21-Sep-18
From: karaRobert
Hi guys, i'm in the market for rangefinder for bowhunting. I will use it for only archery for the most part and once in a while during gun but I live in Missouri and rarely have long shots. I'm considering the Sig Kilo 1250. Any opinions?

From: slingNsticks
I use the Nikon Aculon it has worked well for me.

What is your budget if you don't mind me asking? I just got in my Vortex Ranger 1800. It is so small and easy to carry, I love it! Ranges accurately up to 1800 yards and has angle calibration adjusting for ranging down from your stand. I did get it through a friend who has access to an army surplus store, so I managed almost 50% off of it. But, i think you can find them for under $500. You probably won't need it to be 1800 yards, they sell smaller rangers too. I use mine for golf and in the mountains as well. Also, Amazon has some great range finders for great prices, I would check them out!

From: Old School
I bought a Leupold - I wanted the yardage in "red" so it would stand out from the deer/elk I was ranging perhaps in low light.


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