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new to public land
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zkrets 19-Sep-18
Dusktildawn 20-Sep-18
Franzen 23-Sep-18
Highlife 24-Sep-18
From: zkrets
I'm going to be hunting public land for the first time this year and would like some info on what I need to do to be able to hunt it. Will most likely be at Clinton and Sangchris. TIA

From: Dusktildawn
Alot of State sites only require you to print a windshield card for the specific sites and display on your dash. Certain sites have daily sign in sheets also. All site specific info is available on the Illinois DNR site. Also remember certain state spots require you to harvest a doe before you can arrow a buck. Google Earth will help you scout before you ever step foot on these properties. My advise would be to plan to walk further than you may want to in order to avoid the crowds. Good luck!

From: Franzen
Read the rules. Sounds simple, but many don't either read or follow the site-specific rules. Pay close attention to stand allowances and parking.

From: Highlife

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