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Where to buy land near Indianapolis?
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Buckfever 21-Sep-18
mikewood 23-Sep-18
1boonr 25-Sep-18
Tooth 26-Sep-18
1boonr 27-Sep-18
From: Buckfever
Thinking an hour, hour and a half outside of Indianapolis. Where should I be looking?

From: mikewood
Buck, I see you are from Illinois. And hour an a half west of Indy puts you back in Illinois, and and hour and a half east would put you in Ohio. I live an hour SW of Indy and can be in Illinois in 45 minutes. Are you thinking west of Indy?

From: 1boonr
Huntington county up north, Parke and vermillion west, or anywhere in the vicinity of these counties

From: Tooth
1boonr, Just curious, why the focus on these counties? Health of the deer herd, big bucks, hunting pressure, availability/price of land?

From: 1boonr
History of big bucks and distance from Indy which keeps price at reasonable level.

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