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QuietKat Electric Bikes
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lop-runner 22-Sep-18
dirtclod Az. 24-Sep-18
From: lop-runner
Just got my new QuietKat Ambush and this bike is Awesome. Found a place selling in Chandler Az. out of a Health Food Shop?? I weird place to buy a bike,but they had them in stock with the price same as the internet. Heading up to unit 23 to run the mountains. the store name is Natures Health Shoppe 480-8211986 ask for Dan or Kenny.

From: dirtclod Az.
Are you scouting 23?My honeyhole for Javelina is overrun by snowbirds and 4x4 tours,looking to get away.HELP!Was in 37b Picketpost Mtn.ditclod Az.Thanks...

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