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osta member around grove city
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Box Call 23-Sep-18
Box Call 08-Oct-18
rawdawg 10-Oct-18
buci 313 10-Oct-18
From: Box Call
i got a pse nighthawk 62"'45# takedown recurve id like to donate to the osta .its too much for my shoulder.its stout and real good shape.i can travel a short ways to at,thanks,dan

From: Box Call
im taking this bow to deer creek in the spring to give to the osta responce on this site.its kinda sad.this site has died.

From: rawdawg
hello boxcall. i live at 23 and high street and was the first prez of osta. ill take care of the bow for u.

From: buci 313

Thank you for a noble donation.

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