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Gotten Single Tags
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Blaze 24-Sep-18
jcurri 24-Sep-18
Highlife 24-Sep-18
Edge Hunter 24-Sep-18
buxandbass 24-Sep-18
KX500 24-Sep-18
Lynn Wilcox 24-Sep-18
From: Blaze
Has anyone gotten their single tag yet? 9/24 still no tag.

From: jcurri
Still waiting

From: Highlife
Still waiting also

From: Edge Hunter
I just checked on mine and it said it was printed 9-20, last Thursday. I assume it's in the mail.

From: buxandbass
I'd been wondering that too, but got mine in the mail today.

From: KX500
Mine came today as well.

From: Lynn Wilcox

Lynn Wilcox's embedded Photo
Lynn Wilcox's embedded Photo
My son & I got ours today in the mail.

One step closer to being ready....8^)

He has been shooting 5-6 times a week, since having his wrist in a cast for 6 week after a bad break, that had to be set. No shooting July & August.....8^(

Since last season he has added 2" in draw length (25" now) & went from 40 to 50#'s. Resulting in a much flatter arrow & a lot more KE.

Pic from Sunday's practice session.......Not to shabby for a 13yr old


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