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Question about public land
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Jwill 01-Oct-18
Rookie 10-Aug-19
LBshooter 11-Aug-19
From: Jwill
I have a question about hunting on fema owned land the public hunting around me is crowded and pressured but there is alot of fema buyouts when i search on xonhunts map it labels them as public lands but i can find no information on bow hunting them

From: Rookie
Can you trim a shooting lane on public land?

From: LBshooter
Public land can be good but the last couple,of,seasons they have been culling to get the herd numbers down. Hunted the chain Oakes last year for shotgun and not one deer was taken in the three day season, I saw zip. Yes people cut lanes, just stay away from cutting big branches , people do it but they shouldn't.

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