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From: bdold
I've been given an opportunity to hunt a small North Platte river bottom property for a deer. I've not hunted archery deer and don't have a plan other than sitting in the tree. I ordered a tree stand and that is about it. Can anyone offer some advice on things like calls or scents? Is that stuff really necessary?

Yes, forget the scents.


Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Depending on what type of tree stand you purchased you may have a hard time finding the right tree in the right spot to hang it if it is a hang on or a climber stand. The vast majority of the trees along the rivers are Cottonwood trees and very few have a straight main trunk or even higher up, vertical areas to hang on a stand.. This is why a ladder stand seems to be preferred in most cases. The other challenge might be, even if you find a vertical trunk up higher,, is actually get up there to hang the stand as many of the trunks are bent from the wind over the years. I have a set of climbing sticks, screw in steps, two strap on stands,and a 15 ft, old extension ladder that I use depending on the situation.

A deer scent can be placed on the trail to try to stop a deer and that has worked for me in the past. Place the scent on a stick and throw (wear gloves) it from off the trail to the trail, then you will keep your human scent away from that area.

I would never not go WT hunting without a grunt call.

I hunt mostly off the ground as the mid western winds can change in a minute and 2-3 directions during the day. Hunting off the ground allows one to move and get the wind or current in their favor if the wind does change. Think about use a natural ground blind and just blend in with the natural surrounding. Good luck, Paul

From: bdold
Awesome. Thank you Paul. Very helpful.

Paul, I'll have to have the wife take a picture of me in my "personal ground blind" I made about 12 years ago. I think you'll like it. I hope it still fits! Janice Spicha calls it her turkey robe...

From: BassNBucks
Ya I am with Paul. I use almost exclusively ladder stands anymore. For double sets I usually use a ladder then a hang on next to it to step over onto. As far as calls and scents. Grunt call used very sparingly maybe a grunt or two every 30 mins or an hour. Or when You see a buck and try to get his attention. Scents I don't use anything except for Ever calm deer herd in a stick. Absolutely LOVE the stuff! Believe in it so much If I left my binos in the truck I wouldn't turn around to go get them. Ever calm...I'd go back! I cant tell you the times it has saved my butt! Infact just last night I had a 120" 8 point lay down and take a nap for 30 mins 30 yards away on the trail I walked in on! Get some!

From: Huntcell

From: bdold
I hung a ladder tree stand. Seems to work great. The sliver of land seems to be right in the feeding transition path. I've had numerous bucks and doe hanging around but, I've not taken anything yet. I ended up buying a doe tag as well. I'm going back out this weekend. I need to walk into this stand soon because I keep spooking the deer when I walk into the stand.

I haven't been using any scent. It seems like the deer don't care about me because they will be within shooting range for many minutes. The grunt I bought does seem to bring in both doe and bucks. They walk in and spend some time before not seeing anything and then leave. Overall, it's been a really great experience and I can see why people like it. For someone who prefers elk hunting deep, I've had a good time just sitting in the tree.

This weekend I plan to move a ground blind in near an edge where they sometimes transition. They started dumping water from McConaughy so the river is up, which might be why they are using this seam.

From: bdold
I ended up taking two nice fat doe. Overall, it was a good experience and I would do it again. Thanks for your help.

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