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Frank Holten - Is it worth it?
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jpinkerton 08-Oct-18
Ridgethunder 11-Oct-18
jpinkerton 11-Oct-18
Ridgethunder 12-Oct-18
jpinkerton 28-Dec-18
Highlife 29-Dec-18
From: jpinkerton
Hey y'all. I picked up a Frank Holten lottery this season. It is one of the later seasons, first week of January. All scouting has to be done before November 1. Is it worth my time to hunt this? Any suggestions on where to start. I know it's not a big property. Any concerns with leaving an unoccupied vehicle parked?

From: Ridgethunder
I spent alittle time in there 2 years ago. I had 2 dogs run at me in the woods and I had a odd fellar approach me at my car. I seen alot of sign but a few deer the times I hunted it.

From: jpinkerton
Thanks for the insight. It's a super late slot. Hopefully I'll be tagged out by then!

From: Ridgethunder
Right on, good luck!

From: jpinkerton
28-Dec-18 week my FH slot is open. I still haven't tagged a deer in IL. Missed high on a decent buck back in November. Have meat in the freezer from Pennsylvania. What says the masses? Should I go poke around FH?

From: Highlife
Why not ? One never knows what could happen. Think of going as a scout and report for us. :)

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