finally got my bow combo ready
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Box Call 10-Oct-18
jerry 11-Oct-18
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jerry 12-Oct-18
From: Box Call
after several months of health problems and nursing a bad shoulder,and only taking minimum practice shots a day.well,finally got it together.lowered my pse magna flite to 60#,and using carbon express 150 ,and the nugent 2 blade magnus heads.dead on at 15,25,35 yards.thats my limit.might be old school,but they hit where i high poundage days are over.

From: jerry
I had some health problems as well, age is also creeping up (68). I pondered lowering my bow weight from 63 down to the 50s. After feeling sorry for myself I went in the other direction and pulled a 68#er from mothballs and shot it for the summer. It was a bit of a challenge at first but I worked it out. I also went from split fingers to three under, it was quicker and my release was smoother. I was going to use the 68#er for hunting but I stayed with my old reliable 63# recurve. Glad I didn’t Go to a “girly mans” bow.??

From: Box Call
with my arrows,i tried some full length carbon express 150 ,and at 20 yards,consistent hitting right.trimmed down to my usual 31 1/2",dead on.some can get full length arrows to work,but i never could.with recurve or compound.

From: jerry
I’m wood all the way with my arrows. I can never justify anything but wood while using a recurve. I like feathers and shooting off the shelf, keeping it simple. Large Glue on cut on contact broadheads ( Simmons sharks). There’s something about the smell of wood arrows and if you loose one it’ll just rot away.

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