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Ron Miller 20-Oct-18
JayD 20-Oct-18
Babysaph 21-Oct-18
From: Ron Miller
JR, I saved some fresh killed buck urine and tarsal glands ( I clipped the hair with scissors ) from a previously killed buck, I froze it and made a mock scrape with it ! ( it’s not to early) this buck came in and circled down wind and went right to the scrape I made , he was humped up and had his back legs together and peeing and rubbing his hocks together when the arrow hit him ! He was at 25 yards ( usually to far for me ) but this was the nearest tree that had an over hanging limb ! I also had some of Smokeys preorbital gland on the over hanging limb ! The Slick Trick 4 blade Magnum complexly penetrated his off shoulder ! A Micro Black Eagle Deep Impact and a Slick Trick 150 grain 4 blade for a total arrow weight of 560 grains !

From: JayD
I pulled my cards today and young and old bucks alike are hitting my mock scrapes and the food plots pretty hard! It looks to be a pretty exciting Fall!

From: Babysaph
Thanks buddy.

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