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Panther, RD Bailey, or Tomblin WMA?
West Virginia
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BowtechDan 22-Oct-18
BowtechDan 24-Oct-18
From: BowtechDan
Thinking about heading up and hunting one of these in mid-Nov for 2-3 days. Never been there so all will be new. Any recommendations? I would think the clearcut areas of Tomblin (read about the strip mining reclamation) may be good, but am wondering about parking and access from the perimeter. If I've read correctly, all are foot travel only which is fine with me. Thanks for any recommendations.

I have hunted RD Bailey and it is steep with narrow ridge tops. best bet is to hunt the terrain funnels. Also recommend on being in good shape. Plan on putting some time in the stand also. I have hunted before and sat all day for 2 days without seeing a deer, but if you do it could be a very nice buck. Find fresh sign and hunt. I never hunted Panther but I know its steep from researching topo maps. As for Tomblin I have no info on that area as i have never been there.

From: BowtechDan
Thanks Bowhunter. I just want to head out and spend 2-3 days away from everything and get a feel for the location to plan for the following year. I've never hunted those parts before....I was raised in Ritchie Co and now live in Alabama.

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