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How's the action in the SE?
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Bonafide 24-Oct-18
cord 62 25-Oct-18
Bonafide 26-Oct-18
Bonafide 19-Nov-18
From: Bonafide
Our group will be doing our yearly trip to SE Ohio, Muskingum, Morgan areas. Hunting a mix of private and state land. We've done well in the past with a few guys getting some big bucks(150's & 160's). It's always nice to check in and see what the locals are seeing. From what I've heard the 12th could be one of the best days to be in the woods this year, with the Rut and moon phase, etc. Hope your seasons are going great!

From: cord 62
Not sure about SE yet but plan to hunt my Morgan Co. property soon. That being said, lots of chasing and more in Cuyahoga Co. Watched a nice 8pt mount a doe this morning in the CVNP, Brecksville.

From: Bonafide
Cord- Nice, good luck!

From: Bonafide
3 of 6 guys took 8 points. Great week out.

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