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Metroparks deer cull
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DonVathome 28-Oct-18
cord 62 28-Oct-18
Zbone 19-Nov-18
DonVathome 08-Dec-18
Zbone 10-Dec-18
From: DonVathome
The metro parks around Cuyahoga county get a special permit from the ODNR for shooting deer. Does anyone know if they are permitted to shoot antlered bucks?

From: cord 62
Doe only, about 3-4 times/ year for the last several years. Still way too many in CVNP

From: Zbone
Does only from what I was told by wildlife biologist (he used too post here)... Said the only way they could shoot a buck was if he was chasing other deer away from bait... Things could have changed for that was a few years ago...

From: DonVathome
When did you hear that? I did not think they used bait anymore? Also pretty sure state permit says does only?

From: Zbone
My bad, was thinking of the contractors hired to kill deer in metroparks and urban areas during late winter...

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