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Bkbowhunter 29-Oct-18
Babysaph 29-Oct-18
Little Bear 01-Nov-18
Limbhanger 01-Nov-18
Rhewy 01-Nov-18
Bkbowhunter 01-Nov-18
Babysaph 01-Nov-18
Just wondering if anyone on here does any videoing your hunts. Either self or with a buddy. If so do you put it on YouTube???

From: Babysaph
I never had but have been thinking about it.I think I am just too lazy to do it and I have enough trouble just getting a shot so it might be a pain. I have thought about getting into it however. But if you have seen one of those video's you have seen them all. LoL.

From: Little Bear
I won a Tactacam recently at an event and I gave it to my son to use. But he's decided to not use it so I'm going to put it on my bow and give it a try. Not for video purpose, I'm no "TV personality" but sometimes I'd like to replay the shot if there is question about where the hit was on the animal.

From: Limbhanger
Yes I do. No YouTube channel yet though, but I've been thinking about it.

From: Rhewy
I put a Tactacam on my bow this fall. Shot a doe 2nd day of season....forgot to turn it on!!! I have tried it out around the house has nice video with sound

Yeah it really helps review your shots. I don’t watch the (tv hunters) any more but i do watch alot of regular guys on utube. I have my own channel not very good at it but it’s fun.

From: Babysaph
I'd rather watch the regular guys

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