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Sunday hunting on 11-18-18
West Virginia
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Bkbowhunter 11-Nov-18
BowtechDan 12-Nov-18
Bkbowhunter 12-Nov-18
sundaynwv 16-Nov-18
Is Sunday hunting on the 18th before gun season legal. Looking at regs. Looks like it not sure

From: BowtechDan
I read it as being legal:

Sunday Hunting Sunday hunting is legal statewide on private land with written permission from the landowner, and it is lawful to hunt throughout West Virginia on federal land where hunting is permitted, in a state forest, on land owned or leased by the state for wildlife purposes, and on land managed by the state for wildlife purposes pursuant to a cooperative agreement.

Thanks. Yeah that’s why I read. Just wasn’t sure about the Sunday before rifle seatif I remember in years past you couldn’t thanks again

From: sundaynwv

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