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From: Hunt&Photo
I am about to graduate college in the spring of 2019 here in Iowa. I have always dreamed of living in Montana. Sometime in May 2019 I plan on taking a 5-8 day trip to Bozeman to kind of check out the area. Does anyone from this area have any suggestions on placing to go or places to see? anything is appreciated! thanks!

From: cubdrvr
Non hunting related but my brother and I hiked the Beaten Path from east rosebud lake to Cooke City. Usually have to do that in July so the snow has a chance to melt first. Considered one of the more beautiful hikes in the state.

From: SmokedTrout
May can be pretty tough if you want to get to the high country. But there's plenty of things to do. Check out Lewis and Clark caverns about 30 min from Bozeman, I think they are open in May. If it's late May, I would do a trip to Lamar valley in Yellowstone between Mammoth and Cooke City. Can see bison, sheep, elk, wolves, bears, etc. If you're into fishing the Madison can be good that time of year. The Mother's Day caddis hatch can be impressive fishing. Check out the Berkeley Pit in Butte, so you know why you never want a big pit mine in your back yard. There's plenty to do, just depends on your preferences.

From: JMG
There would be plenty of opportunity to go for a day hike into the mountains. This time of year ... there could be some snow left down in the lower elevations or not. The rivers and streams will be just starting their snow melt runoff. You could go south of Bozeman and hike Hylite Canyon or surrounding area, but if you wanted to get away from people you might consider traveling up the Gallatin River drainage, Yellowstone River drainage (on your way to the Park - south of Livingston) or north of Bozeman into the Bridger Mountains. You will likely encounter snow, though. As SmokeTrout mentioned ... this is a good time of year to head into Yellowstone Park. It’s before the “tourist” season and there is a good chance to see a grizzly or two. You can’t go wrong ... it will be just starting to green up. Black bear season may still be going in some areas of Montana.

From: Hunt&Photo
Anyone know what the turkey hunting is like in Montana?

From: SoaringEagle
It's super shitty. I'd think about going to Colorado or staying in Iowa.

From: hobbes
If I was coming from Midwest in May, and liked turkey hunting and wanted to hunt Merriam's, and have some experience finding public land birds in new country....... I'd plan to hunt turkeys. MT turkeys are located in Regional pockets. However, some Regions have a better distribution of them. There are three distinct types of terrain to find them in: Mountains, Ponderosa breaks type country, and cottonwood riverbottoms. The mountain vegetation can vary quite a bit from Region 3 to Region 1.

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