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Crab orchard
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Racks & Ridges 29-Nov-18
DozRdeer2 30-Nov-18
Racks & Ridges 30-Nov-18
Has anyone hunted this public land this year, just curious how guys did and didn't do. I only know of one guy in my area and he did very well. That buck is at the taxidermist let's just start with that! I'm gonna drop my boat in this weekend to just scope it out more I'm done hunting for the season most likely. Next year I'll do my scouting and game planning.

From: DozRdeer2
You can check public land (and county) archery harvest at this location.

FYI - The prior year is total for the year; the current year is "as of this moment".

Yeah thanks I know that part, just curious if anyone on here has been or not that's all. Either way I'm going to check it out soon.

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