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Hunting Texas near Houston
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ElkChaser413 29-Nov-18
Makemyessay 02-Jan-19
Maddogg 16-Jan-19
Maddogg 16-Jan-19
ro 18-Feb-19
Mnhunter1980 09-Mar-19
From: ElkChaser413
I have just moved to Houston, Texas (well at least near it) from Colorado. I looking for help on areas to hunt, Yotes, Deer, and Hogs. I have hunted Colorado for the last 20 years and I'm willing to trade info. Now I'm no expert, but I can put you in some decent elk areas, all OTC. I may not have gotten one every year but I did get into them every year. Sometimes you just have to work harder. I know it is nothing like Colorado here as far as public land unfortunately. Just want cheap or free land to hunt with the kids. Might not be this year, but definitely every year after this. Any help is much appreciated.

From: Makemyessay

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I'm going to go with my bow and my relative will go with his gun, and we wanna understand where to go but we only want to take a day hunt, that's fairly cheap. I need a hog that I could mount with big tusks so hook us up

From: Maddogg

From: Maddogg

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Hog Hunts $500 - 2 - day hunt includes 2 feral hogs of any size. On your Hog hunt at the 2,500-acer ranch, all meals, lodging, and transportation to and from stands are provided. Hogs, hogs, hogs we have hogs. Any time of the year is great for hog hunting; however, we provide an exciting hunt during the off season. We hunt the hogs over spin feeders, water holes and areas they are known to frequent from box blinds night or day. 281-210-7939 Marty Burnet, Texas

From: ro

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From: Mnhunter1980
Wtf is this crap?! Leather jackets? Essays? What does that have to do with taking your kids hunting in the Houston area:)

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