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Anterless buck
West Virginia
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Bkbowhunter 29-Nov-18
Rutbuster 29-Nov-18
Babysaph 29-Nov-18
hookman 01-Dec-18
Babysaph 02-Dec-18
This subject came up at work -if you shoot a buck that’s lost his horns or they been broken off regardless of weapon do you check it in as a buck or anterless. I live in WVA but work in VA Not sure what there rules are either????

From: Rutbuster
Antlerless That is one of the problems that WV has. This could be easily corrected with the new check system.

From: Babysaph
A buck is a buck.,I can tell the difference. Correct it.

From: hookman
A legal buck has 3 inch antlers or spikes.

From: Babysaph
Here is what is weird..a guy can chase a huge trophy buck for years and then kill it when it lost its horns and he has killed an antleless deer. Same as a doe??

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