Good pair of binoculars?
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Jarhead1221 05-Dec-18
bowonly 27-Dec-18
From: Jarhead1221
Looking for some input.. need something a little stronger than 10x42. Don’t get me wrong my Nikon monarchs are awesome, absolutely awesome... I would like to have a little more zoom capability. I’m seeing prices on binoculars that suggest a poorly made product or its worth its weight in gold. Thanks gents

From: bowonly
I have a pair of Leupold Pinnacles 8x42. What they lack in magnification they more than make up for in clarity. I borrowed a pair of Bushnell 10x42 from a from a friend of mine due to my Leupold's being out for warranty work and they were far and away of a lesser quality. When I could see deer with my naked eye I had trouble finding them in the binos due to poor clarity. I would definitely suggest spending a little extra to get quality lens crafting.

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